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Jackson County Teens Are Learning & Responding To The Right Information About Drugs & Alcohol.

Breakout Drug Education Program Coordinator, Shelly Milligan

Breakout Drug Education Program Coordinator, Shelly Milligan

Jackson area teenagers are learning of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Not just what they are reading online or hearing from friends but the real and accurate information through the Breakout Drug Education Program.  Last year 2,352 Jackson students were engaged in the program’s presentations.  As a result most teens say there is little or no chance they will drink or use drugs while they are in high school.

The program has found a way to really connect with teens.  They listen and respond, here are a couple posts from Breakout Drug Education Program’s facebook page.

September 26, 2014
Thank you for everything u do.  All the gross pics and info u talked about in class really made impression on me.  The circle game was the best.  I never thought of myself that way.  I know a lot of kids liked that and it really affected them.  U rock Ms. Shelly!  Have fun with your go cart.

November 3, 2014
I love the drug Break out program.  This is the best program.  I learned more in this class than my whole life.  it really makes people think.  Ms. V made the class fun with being dum and boring.

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