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Helping Those Who Need It The Most!


The mission of LSSCM is to provide free civil legal assistance to low income persons with an emphasis on homelessness prevention, domestic violence prevention, and assistance in accessing health care, food and other basic needs.

To accomplish their mission LSSCM offers a full range of legal services to families facing these critical issues.  Through legal counsel, referrals to other agencies, document preparation, negotiations and even full representation in court and administrative hearings, LSSCM has earned a 99 % success rate for families they have served facing crisis situations.  Rose and her family are just one example of impact that has been made in Jackson County by your support of this program.

Rose contacted Legal Services of South Central Michigan after her husband unexpectedly went to prison.  Rose and her children were dependent upon her husband’s income, which ceased when he went to prison.  The loss of her husband’s income rendered her mortgage payment unaffordable and she was unable to continue making payments.  Rose applied for a loan modification but the mortgage company never provided a decision on the application, claiming that documents were missing from her application.  Instead, the mortgage company attempted to foreclose on the property.

LSSCM filed a lawsuit asking the court to halt the foreclosure sale and properly consider Rose for a loan modification.  The mortgage company removed the case to federal court where significant litigation occurred.  Thankfully, LSSCM was able to pressure the mortgage company into reviewing Rose’s loan modification application and dismissing the federal court case.  As a result, Rose was granted an affordable loan modification and able to remain in her home with her children.

Last year, LSSCM handled 725 cases assisting over 1,700 individuals in Jackson County.

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