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We want struggling families to become financially stable, and we want their children to succeed in school.

Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County can provide funds for the FIRST Family Support Program. This program allows families who are at or near financial crisis to maintain stable employment or continuing education while ensuring quality early education and day care for their children. Susan’s story is just one example of the IMPACT that is being made in Jackson County, thanks to your support.

Susan is a married mother of two small children. She is loving and kind. Susan is a hard worker and desires the best for her family. She is like Superwoman, as most days she holds the weight of her family’s world on her shoulders. Her life was turned upside down when her husband lost his job. The sole breadwinner for her household, at times Susan worked over 70 hours per week, fighting sickness and fatigue, for food, shelter, clothing and child care. Fortunately, United Way of Jackson County is making a tremendous difference in the lives of Susan and her family. Through the FIRST Family Support Program, Susan’s children were awarded a child care scholarship so they can continue to attend a safe, nurturing, high-quality early learning program. Susan is less stressed financially and constantly states, “Thank you so much. This is a big help to my family.”

Surveys from those enrolled in the FIRST Family Support Program show success:

  • Every parent in the program believes their child is better prepared for kindergarten.
  • 97% of the parents believe their child care arrangements are more stable.
  • 97% of the parents said they experienced less stress and worry.
  • Every parent was able to find a job or continue working.
  • 97% of the parents reported they were able to go to school or work more regularly.
  • 80% were able to work toward or earn a degree or certificate while enrolled in the program.
  • 73% received a raise or promotion, or got a better job while enrolled in the program.

This program provides a pathway to financial stability and success for every household enrolled. The children are better prepared for school and are more likely to graduate. Your support is creating real and lasting IMPACT in Jackson County.

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