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Helping Families With The Most Basic of Needs

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WE LIVE UNITED by helping struggling families with their most basic of needs. Families living at or near the poverty level often times don’t have access to quality food. Money, transportation, and work schedules are just a few examples of obstacles that can prevent a family from getting to the grocery store to purchase healthy foods. They may live within walking distance to a store that sells mostly unhealthy choices. We want families to have access to fruits, vegetables and other healthy options. United Way of Jackson County and our many partners throughout our community are proud to support the Fresh Food Initiative. This program distributes fresh food to people in need. Fruits and vegetables are delivered weekly to numerous locations in urban and rural areas. Struggling individuals must first have their most basic of needs met before they can start to improve their situation. The Fresh Food Initiative helps to fill those needs. Here is one example of the IMPACT in our community.

Candice and David’s income barely covers their most basic expenses. They don’t drive anywhere because they can’t afford a car. They have to take the bus or walk everywhere for everything, including food. They have two very young children, which means they never have a quick easy trip to the store. They live close to gas stations and convenient stores but nothing that offers fresh and healthy options. Occasionally a friend or family member will take them to the store, but most of the time they are on their own. This family lives in a food desert.

However, during the summer months Candice has free access to healthier options through the United Way supported Fresh Food Initiative. Every Monday, her and the kids walk to the Salvation Army and receive bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Candice is so thankful to receive food she typically doesn’t have access to. She talks with the volunteers and is even learning additional, healthier ways to prepare her meals.

Last year over 242,000 pounds of fresh food was distributed, helping nearly 5,000 Jackson County residents meet their most basic of needs. Follow this link for a complete list of Fresh Food Initiative locations and times.

Support through United Way of Jackson County is making a difference in our community.

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