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National Partnership Makes Drug Available To Fight Opioid Overdoses in Jackson County

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Opioid overdoses make up a significant number of ER visits.

United Way of Jackson County will make vouchers for Narcan, a drug that treats opioid overdose, available to local substance abuse organizations through a partnership with FamilyWize and Walmart.

Bethany Stutzman, Community Solutions Director for UWJC, said 30 vouchers will be given to the Jackson County Housing Commission and Parents United by Children With Substance Abuse Disorders. The vouchers can be redeemed at Walmart.

According to Jackson County’s Heroin and Opioid Task Force Committee, there were 288 heroin- and opioid-related overdoses reported in Jackson County in 2017. There were 76 drug-related deaths, most involving heroin or fentanyl, both opioid drugs.

Narcan quickly blocks the effects of opioids, making it a crucial treatment for treating an overdose.

“Opioid addiction poses a risk to every demographic, including those who struggle financially,” Stutzman said. “Making these vouchers available is one more way to use our existing partnership with FamilyWize to help the people of Jackson County.”

Since 2007, UWJC has provided access to FamilyWize discount cards that save on the cost of prescription medicines.

“FamilyWize is pleased that we can help the community as they face this challenge against opioid overdoses,” said Vilmarie Gilliam, Vice President, Partnerships at FamilyWize. “We want to help where we can.”

The Narcan vouchers is a restricted program being distributed by United Ways for a limited time.