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Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves and Saving Them From Exploitation.



We feel it is important to protect Jackson’s most vulnerable citizens.  The Jackson County Adult Guardian Services program helps meet the basic needs of incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interests and who are vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.  Through this United Way supported program, a court appointed Guardian/Conservator develops a plan to keep these individuals functioning.  Legal, financial and medical decisions are made on their behalf.  From January through June of 2015 this program was responsible for helping to meet the basic needs for 460 of Jackson County’s most vulnerable citizens.  Bonnie’s story is just one example of the IMPACT made through this program.

Bonnie a 93 year old lady who was living in her own home along with her adult son who was trying to be the care giver.  Bonnie had become very confused and was having combative behavior towards her son.  Her overall condition was extremely poor due to incontinency and being bed bound which lead to decubitus ulcers and severe sepsis.  The hospital case management did an emergency petition for Guardian and Conservatorship to the Jackson County Probate Court requesting that Jackson County Guardian Services be appointed emergency Temporary Guardian and Conservator.  Bonnie’s Guardian was able to work with the hospital staff to get her stabilized and then moved to a nursing home for continued medical care.  As her Conservator, they were able to locate her assets and then apply for State of Michigan Medicaid.

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