United Way

Welcome to the United Way of Jackson County’s Program for Utility Assistance and Self-Sufficiency! We proudly serve the entire state of Michigan!

If you have questions at any time, please call (517) 741-0202, and our staff can walk you through the process. Our goal is to provide you with as much assistance as you need to successfully access both utility assistance and self-sufficiency services that we provide.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 : Complete United Way of Jackson County's Self-Sufficiency Application.

Please click here to fill out an application online.

Please click here if you would like to download the application.

Please click here if you would like an application mailed to you.

Please call (517) 741-0202 if you want to fill out an application over the phone.

Step 2: Complete State Emergency Relief application.

Please click here to register with MI Bridges (if you do not have an account) and fill out a State Emergency Relief (SER) application with MI Bridges (this application qualifies you for utility assistance). You may need to upload documents such as pay stubs, your utility bill, etc.

Step 3: Send an Energy Self-Sufficiency referral.

After you click the “Submit” button on your SER application, a screen will come up that says “Application Submitted.”  In the “Send Referrals” section of this screen, click “Send” for an Energy Self-Sufficiency referral (this is so you can be enrolled in an affordable payment plan and/or receive self-sufficiency services).

Step 4: Select United Way of Jackson County.

Select “United Way of Jackson County” out of the list.  If you do not see United Way of Jackson County, enter 249341-003 in the “Enter CP ID” box and click “Find Organization”.

Step 5: Continue with UWJC.

When United Way of Jackson County comes up on the screen, check it and click on “Continue”.

Step 6: Share information with UWJC.

When the “Share Information with United Way of Jackson County” screen comes up, check the boxes you are comfortable with (we will be able to assist you the most if you check all three boxes) and click “Continue”. This process will send a referral to us so we can follow up with you.

If you need help with completing your application in the MI Bridges system at any point in time, please call us at (517) 741-0202 and our staff can guide you through the process.

The self-sufficiency services we offer are as follows (you must be approved for SER through the State of Michigan before we can enroll you in an Affordable Payment Plan):

  • Enrollment into an Affordable Payment Plan (APP). These include CARE (Consumers Energy customers), LSP (DTE customers), and MAP (SEMCO customers).
  • One-time utility assistance.
  • Needs Assessment and Short Term Case Management – this includes figuring out what your needs are beyond utility assistance (home weatherization, payment notices from your utility provider, food assistance, etc.) and developing a plan to address those needs.
  • Assistance with completing the Home Heating Credit Form.
  • One-to-one budget coaching over the phone with one of our staff.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to get incentives such as $25 gift cards for participating in that group.
  • Monthly Tips Email with information on how to save money on your utility bill and where to get assistance with other services in your community.
  • eHome America Money management – online course that takes about 2 hours and gives you information on managing your personal finances, credit scores, etc. You will receive an incentive for completing this course online.

We look forward to working with you this year!

The Program Assistance Center Team