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UNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of every person in our community. Families and individuals who are living in or near poverty are constantly dealing with obstacles that threaten their sustainability. For this reason, United Way of Jackson County values our relationship with Jackson Housing Commission Support Services. This program evaluates the needs of struggling households, then provides guidance and assistance including life skills support, basic needs, outreach, conflict resolution, job development, and many other resources. Your UWJC support empowers these households to work through their struggles so they can regain or maintain their stability. Tonya was recently reunited with her children. She was working hard to maintain her home and to keep her family together. A few month ago she became very ill and more obstacles threatened their stability.

After losing her job due to illness, Tonya was not able to afford her rent. She was at risk of losing her apartment. The Case Manager and Housing Staff reached out to her former employer and obtained the documentation that she was having trouble getting and worked out a payment plan that would keep her home affordable and her housing stable.

The Case Manager and staff acted as advocates in this dire situation and the information needed for her rent to be adjusted was acquired. As a result, the family was able to keep the home that they grew to love and appreciate.

After working with JHC Support Services, 93% of the program participants have remained in their homes. Your support is keeping families together and is helping them develop their pathway to financial stability and success.

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