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Project Access provides enrolled patients access to primary health care, specialty care, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, prescriptions and much more.  Those who are eligible for the program are able to access preventative care and screening services.  Project Access partners with Allegiance Prevention and Community Health to provide a Self-Management program for all enrollees, they receive education and resources they need to begin implementing healthier lifestyles.  The intent is to have patients proactively care for themselves and in turn emergency and clinic based visits are expected to decrease.  Project Access provides donated health care to Jackson County’s underinsure and uninsured.  Even with the Affordable Care Act coming to fruition this year, 7000 Jackson County residents will remain uninsured.  Project Access continues to look at ways to use their model to best meet the needs of the underinsured and uninsured of Jackson County.   Many have been able to get healthy and stay healthy with the services provided through Project Access.  Here’s an example of just one of the many success stories.

Sue became alarmed when she noticed symptoms of what might have been colon cancer.  She has a family history of cancer and she knew this could be one of the warning signs. Unfortunately, she had lost her employer health insurance a few years ago. But she knew she needed to seek medical care.  Through Project Access she was assigned a Primary Care Physician who referred her to a participating Gastroenterologist.  Testing for colon cancer returned a negative result. However, additional tests revealed blood in her urine. The diagnosis came back as kidney stones. She was relieved she did not have cancer but she did have other serious health concerns, such as high blood pressure for which she needed medication and ongoing monitoring to avoid further complications. Her primary care physician keeps her blood pressure in check and monitors her overall health.

Sue says, “Project Access is wonderful. If it had turned out that I had cancer, I would have been in so much debt, I don’t know how I would have been able to manage. Since I lost my insurance, I have on several occasions not sought medical care, thinking it would be cheaper to die.” She is grateful to Project Access and appreciates the assistance she has received from everyone. She says everyone is very helpful and they always take the time to explain things to her.