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Advocating For Those Who Can’t For Themselves


We believe Jackson’s most vulnerable citizens need protection from exploitation, neglect or injury. Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County is able to fund an Adult Guardian Services program. Incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interests have a Guardian appointed to make major life decisions and advocate on their behalf. Here is just one example of how your support is making a difference.

Jack’s dementia was diagnosed while he was at Allegiance being treated for severe medical complications. Important medical decisions needed to be made, but Jack was withdrawn, quiet, unable to communicate and lacked the ability to understand what was going on around him. Reports were made to Protective Services who began to investigate. It was discovered that Jack was living with his sister and it was not a good situation at home. She abused him, both physically and verbally. An emergency petition was filed and Jackson County Guardian Services was appointed. Proper decisions were made on his behalf and Jack received the medical care he deserved. When he was eventually released from Allegiance he was protected from his sister and placed in a community living arrangement that met his needs. Jack had a safe place to live. Jackson County Guardian Services now has a Conservator in place for Jack. Important medical and financial decisions are made on his behalf.

Last year the case workers within this program protected the interests of 423 Jackson County residents. Men and women with stories similar to Jack’s are now protected with their interests taken care of. Your support has made that possible.

You can help Jack and others like him.

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