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“It’s Important to invest in our community.”


Mindy Bradish-Orta has been a volunteer board member for the United Way of Jackson County for roughly 6 years.  Mindy always seems to be working or volunteering.  She loves Jackson and she does everything she can to make our community a better place.

        “It’s important to invest in our community.”

Mindy has been the President and CEO of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Experience Jackson for 9 years.  She is also the host of Living Today on WILX and most recently became the President CEO of the Jackson Anchor Initiative

United Way of Jackson County has an exciting new Vision and Goal that will be announced soon. Connecting Our Community for the Common Good will remain our mission but moving forward we will have a greater focus on alleviating poverty county-wide.  We want to develop the tools individuals and families need to become financially stable.  Mindy was part of a group of volunteers who provided leadership and guidance in developing our new Vision and Goal.

        “It’s a well thought out direction.”

Thank you Mindy Bradish-Orta for your years of dedication to making Jackson County a better place.

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