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Supporting Legal Services Programs That Prevent Homelessness, Domestic Violence and Fill Basic Needs.


We believe when families and individuals with low income have access to legal advice and services they will be positively impacted in the areas of basic needs, housing and safety.  Because of you, we can support this type of program through Legal Services of South Central Michigan.  Last year legal assistance was provided to nearly 1300 clients with ninety-percent having successful outcomes.  Rosa’s story is just one example that shows the positive IMPACT being made every day in our community.  (Names have been changed to protect those involved with the case.)

Rosa was continuously harassed by her ex-husband.  He had been physically abusive toward her in the past.  Because of their history the courts previously had awarded Rosa sole legal and physical custody of her young child.  Now, her abusive ex-husband was being relentless.  It started again with harassing texts.  Then he stopped paying child support.  Knowing Rosa had no means to protect her child, he took the boy and refused to give him back.  Rosa was lost with no one to turn to.  She did not speak fluent English and couldn’t afford an attorney.  Eventually, Rosa was connected to lawyers associated with the legal services program.  They hired a translator so they could work with her and fight for her.  They filed an emergency motion and the court ordered the ex-husband to return the child immediately.  The order allowed for police assistance if necessary.  Her lawyers also worked with the Friend of the Court to have the ex-husband pay child support or face contempt charges.  Rosa and her son have been reunited, the ex-husband is now paying child support and is no longer threatening her.  Without this type of assistance, Rosa would not have been able to get her child back.

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