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Salvation Army – Basic Needs Program

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United Way of Jackson County

Basic Needs Program – Funded by the United Way of Jackson County

There are times when many people need a hand up.  The Salvation Army is here to help during those times.  With funding through the United Way of Jackson County the Salvation Army in Jackson has been able to provide food, energy and housing assistance to low and moderate income Jackson County residents through their Basic Needs program.  For the first half of 2014 the Salvation Army of Jackson helped 1,590 families avoid a utility shutoff or had their service restored, provided 3,010 Jackson County families with food assistance to last five days and helped 10 families avoid eviction and or homelessness.

An area veteran and his family is just one of those thousands who had received assistance this year.  The family was homeless and they were in the process of securing a new home.  They had a huge obstacle to overcome.  During the foreclosure of their previous home they had been unable to pay their energy bill.  The Salvation Army helped this veteran pay the balance on the energy bill.  With the balance now at zero they were able to establish a new home and have service there too.

The Basic Needs program also provides prescription, funeral, transportation and home repair assistance among other emergency needs as funds are available.