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Saved From Neglect, United As a Family

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WE LIVE UNITED by helping low-income individuals regain and maintain their financial stability. Many older adults in our community live without access to proper medical care or the most basic of needs. Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County is able to partner with the John George Home to ensure vulnerable senior citizen men have supportive housing including activities, financial planning, and medical care. Matthew’s story is just one example of the impact of your support.

He came to the John George Home underweight and in poor health. Matthew is an older gentleman with mental needs that prevent him from advocating for himself. For many years he was under the care of a “friend of the family.” This person took advantage of Matthew. He stole his money and created significant debt. He barely fed him or clothed him. Matthew, who needed regular medical attention, hadn’t been to see a doctor in over three years. Things moved quickly once the situation was discovered. Matthew was taken to the John George home and his “friend” was finally facing the consequences of his actions.

Since his arrival at his new home, Matthew has a guardian that supports his financial health and wellness. He participates in activities every day that make him happy. Matthew really enjoys lunchtime with his new friends at the John George home. He’s put on 20 pounds since his arrival. Matthew is now part of a large family that will support his continued success.

More than 40 older gentlemen call the John George Home their home. Each one has their individual needs met. They have regular activities and engagement that promote physical activity and wellness. Together, they are united as a family. Your support matters.

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