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Security and Stability For Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

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We help protect vulnerable adults from neglect, injury and exploitation.

United Way of Jackson County supports a Guardian Services Program that provides Guardian and Conservator services for incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interests. This program is run by Family Service and Children’s Aid and allows for a court appointed Guardian / Conservator to take responsibility for major life decisions and advocate on their behalf. There are hundreds of individuals who now have a life of stability as a result of this program. Mark’s story is just one example of the IMPACT that takes place every day in Jackson County.

Mark is 50 and has lived with his parents his whole life. He’s a fun person who likes to joke around and go on walks with his folks. Mark is developmentally disabled, and he is the pride and joy of his parents.

A few years ago, Mark’s mother passed away. Mark continued to live with his dad. They continued their walks, too. The familiar friendly neighborhood scene would repeat itself each time father and son would do their rounds. Almost every walk would include  a wave to a friendly face across the street, a quick chat on the sidewalk or a handshake over a fence. Everyone in the neighborhood liked Mark.

One day, one of their neighbors realized it had been a while since the pair had been seen walking. Concern started to grow in their neighborhood. A call was made, and the authorities come to investigate. They found Mark’s father had become very ill and needed immediate medical attention. The home conditions were extremely poor. Their toilet had stopped working. Mark had all the love in the world for his dad but didn’t have the mental capacity to care for him. Mark and his father were taken to Henry Ford Allegiance Health. His father was admitted, and Mark was taken to an Adult Foster Care Home. An emergency petition request was granted, and a Guardian was appointed to address the needs of Mark and his father. They both have living arrangements that suit their needs, and Mark is taken regularly to visit his father.

United Way of Jackson County fights for the financial stability of everyone in our community. As a result of this program 349 of Jackson County’s most vulnerable citizens had their basic needs met last year. Your support made each one of these success stories possible. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.

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