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Small Needs With Huge IMPACT

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UNITED WE FIGHT POVERTY! Families who are struggling shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the lights on or putting food on the table, or staying warm or filling their prescription, or fixing a leak or fixing their car so they can get to work.

United Way of Jackson County supports the Salvation Army’s Basic Needs Program, which provides food, energy, and limited housing assistance to low- and moderate-income residents of Jackson County. The program also provides prescription, funeral, transportation, home repair assistance and other emergency needs on a limited basis as funding is available. Your support allows this program to provide the basic needs so families can make it from one day to the next and get back on their feet. Needs we often take for granted, as shown in this brief example from the Salvation Army:

Due to the size of our food pantry, we are often able to accommodate special requests, such as an individual that is homeless requesting “pop top” cans, or someone living in a tent requesting food that will maintain its integrity while stored in a cooler. Lt. Ross Anderson was assisting in the Food Pantry one day when a gentleman indicated he really liked Chef Boyardee Ravioli. Lt. Ross instantly thought back to his childhood and the memories he had eating that brand, and he shared his memory with this gentleman. The man looked at him and said, “I like these because they’re easy to eat in my car at night.” This particular story is just one glimpse at the difference we are making in the lives of Jackson County residents. Because of the size of our pantry and the availability of items, we are able to provide cans that are easily opened when requested.

So far this year, the food assistance portion alone of the Basic Needs Program provided 4,755 clients enough food to last five days.

UNITED WE WIN! Through your United Way support, this program provides a bridge for families so they can survive their most difficult of times and eventually reach a point of stability in their lives.

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