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Stability For Our Greatest Generation

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We believe elderly men who have been abused, neglected or unable to care for themselves deserve an affordable home where their basic needs are met.


Your support for United Way of Jackson County allows us to fund the John George Home. This facility provides a home, food and help with medical and mental health care. It also provides a sense of community and belonging for those who have been forgotten and left behind. Forty-three men currently call the John George Home their home, Bill is one of them.

Bill came from a senior living apartment. He was independent, happy and able to take care of himself. But then Bill had a severe stroke. He couldn’t fully recover, meaning daily tasks became huge obstacles for him. He couldn’t cook, clean or manage his finances. He was alone, without friends or family to help. He needed an affordable place where he could be supported. That place was John George Home. Today, Bill is thriving. His basic living and medical needs are met. He has become more active than his physicians thought possible. He is contributing to the energy and activity of the Home and has made many friends. Bill has a new life.

Every person living at the John George Home receives supportive housing where medical, nutritional, emotional and physical needs are all met. Your UWJC support makes it possible for every person living at the John George Home to have a fulfilling and stable life.

Help Bill and others like him.

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