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Surviving Abuse, Finding Stability; Starting A New Life In Jackson

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UNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of everyone in our community. With your support, we are able to mobilize the best resources in Jackson County to assist those living in desperate situations and help them develop their pathway to success and financial stability. United Way of Jackson County is able to accomplish this goal in part through our support of the Residential Services Program at AWARE, Inc.

Jayla finally had enough. After years of violence at the hands of her boyfriend, she left. She knew she couldn’t stay in Detroit with family or friends because he would find her. He would be apologetic, promise to change, and the cycle would start again. She had to get as far away as she could. The fuel in her car got her to I-94’s Exit 141. Jayla and her son slept in the car at the Park-N-Ride that night.

They were hungry and needed help. The two began walking down Elm toward Jackson. After a mile or so, a deputy just thought something didn’t seem right with them, and he stopped. He asked a few questions, made a few calls, and after a short while Jayla and her son were being admitted into the residential services program at AWARE, Inc.

Right away her most basic needs were met with food and shelter. Jayla and her son began counseling to deal with the trauma in their life. She didn’t know anyone in Jackson nor anything about our community. Jayla did know that she couldn’t go back to Detroit. While staying at AWARE, she decided Jackson would now be home for them. She enrolled her child in Jackson Public Schools. AWARE connected her with housing resources through the Community Action Agency, and she was able to locate affordable housing before the holiday season. She was “adopted” through AWARE’s Adopt-A-Family program and was gifted items for her family and her new apartment. Jayla was able to land a seasonal job, which turned into full-time employment. Jayla came to Jackson with practically nothing and is now on her pathway to financial stability and success.

Through your support, Jayla was able to start a new life here in Jackson.

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