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The John George Home

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The John George Home provides low-income housing for elderly men.  With funding from The United Way of Jackson County, The John George home is able to provide affordable housing, healthy meals, access to medical treatment and mental health coordination to some of Jackson County’s most vulnerable.  Residents enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please with the comfort of knowing that their professional staff is there 24 hours a day.  The John George Home is a privately owned nonprofit and licensed home for the aged.  The 42 residents of the John George Home enjoy a true feeling of home.

Just one example of how the John George Home is making a difference in the lives of elderly men and their families can be told with Arnold’s story.  Arnold’s life before the John George Home could be described as a living Hell.  An auto accident left him with chronic back pain and severe memory loss.  He was depressed and bed ridden.  For three years he lived in a filthy living room and spent almost all his time on a broken down couch.  He ate junk food and watched mindless TV.  His medication wasn’t being administered properly.  Arnold was crippled, mentally and physically.  Unable to care for him, Arnold’s family sought the help of the John George Home.  He was reluctant at first but after seeing what the John George Home had to offer, including a bed and room of his own, staff available to assist him around the clock, proper medication administration and so much more, Arnold quickly changed his mind.  Now Arnold wakes up every day to a homemade breakfast surrounded friends.  He spends his day leading activities and mentoring fellow residents.  He sleeps at night with a sense of peace.  Arnold has a home.