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We Believe Troubled Teens Can Be Redirected

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We believe in second chances. We believe troubled teens who are going down the wrong path can be redirected. We want these kids to grow into responsible adults who are financially independent. Your United Way of Jackson County support allows us to fund a Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program that provides at-risk juveniles with services that promote regular school attendance, improve overall choices in their behavior, prevent further prosecution/recidivism, and improve familial relationships.


Tammy, is a 15 year old who has dealt with a lot at a young age. This United Way funded program turned her life around. Tammy’s story is one you can be proud of because your support has made a direct IMPACT on her life.

Tammy was angry. She was angry at school because she felt her teachers didn’t like her, so she stopped going.  She was angry at her parents because they fought all the time and their relationship was not stable for her entire life so she would constantly fight with them.  Tammy was just angry with life in general. She didn’t know how to deal with her anger, that’s why she acted out with violence and continuously made bad choices.

Being in this program Tammy learned how to deal with her anger and emotions in positive ways and she developed positive coping skills. Through counseling, Tammy admitted to being molested by a family friend at the age of 5. The trauma from that experience was finally addressed. Slowly, she showed improvement with her self-esteem and she was learning how to build healthy relationships. Tammy was connected with a school staff member who become a mentor, someone she could trust and confide in.

Tammy recently completed the Program. Now she is attending school regularly, she has developed healthy friendships there too. Her mother said she has become more responsible and Tammy is talking to her more openly. Her father reported significant growth in her ability to manage her attitude, choices, and behaviors.

Tammy completed the Program successfully, reduced her risk factors and built on her strengths. Tammy has a greater chance of succeeding and is on her pathway to stability.

The Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program is working. After 6 months 96% of parents have a positive report about their child’s behavior. After 12 months 96% of the kids who successfully completed the program have had no further involvement with the court system. Your support is directly IMPACTING a program that is improving families and changing the trajectory of troubled teens in Jackson County. You are making a difference.

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