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Healthy kids are happy kids, they have better school attendance and overall better attitudes. Healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults who work, live, play and contribute to our community.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our youth includes promoting physical activity. Dance for a Healthier Jackson is a program supported by United Way of Jackson County that provides this outlet for children of our community. Affordability often restricts participation to the arts. Your support allows dance classes to be offered through this program at the Jackson School of the Arts on a sliding fee income scale. We believe it is vital to promote physical activity and provide access to the arts to children who otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity. Your United Way support has made a direct impact on the lives of young people for many year in our community. Deana is just one of many who have been touched by your generosity.

Deana is a senior and this year she blossomed. She first came to dance class several years ago as a shy young girl who tried to shrink due to her height. She felt awkward and insecure. After years of dancing, and going over routines she developed a strong work ethic and positive attitude. She gained confidence and satisfaction by working hard at something she enjoyed. This year she earned her spot as pointe. The difference in confidence from her first year to today is astounding. She says she walks proudly through the halls of her school. Her mom wells up she talks about the atmosphere at the Jackson School of the Arts and how her daughter embraced and came to love dance. They had tried other dance studios that where difficult to afford and she couldn’t fit in with the cliques. Jackson School of the Arts provided Deana with the outlet she needed, when she needed it most.

United Way of Jackson County provided start-up funds for this program over 15 years ago. That first year 40 children were introduced to the arts and realized the benefits of physical activity. Today this program serves over 600 children most of which come from struggling families. You IMPACT through your United Way support is real.

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