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We believe all girls in elementary school should have the opportunity to learn positive values, develop confidence and flourish through cooperation and teamwork.


By supporting United Way of Jackson County, you make it possible to bring a program that promotes these behaviors among low-income populations. UWJC funds the Girl Scout Outreach Program, which takes the values of scouting to areas of need. At-risk girls who engage in scouting develop practical life skills, critical thinking, cooperation and teambuilding skills, becoming resourceful problem-solvers. Through group activities and personal mentoring, these girls develop self-worth and a positive sense of their own future. One of the most exciting success stories from this program recently came from Dibble Elementary as reported in the Girl Scouts Heart Of Michigan Program Progress Report.

“The Outreach Specialist notes that ‘one of the most exciting stories was the initiative girls at Dibble took as a result of their participation in GSHOM’s anti-bullying programming.  They are very committed to addressing this issue at Dibble and are working with school administration and teachers to start an anti-bullying group.  The program has not only benefitted girls in building their confidence and strengthened friendships—it’s benefitting the school as a whole!’”

Your support ensures that all girls in Jackson County have access to the powerful learning experiences Girl Scouting offers. We believe this is particularly important for under-represented girls—girls from families with limited financial and/or transportation resources, housing and or food insecurity; girls from single-parent homes who are responsible for taking care of themselves and younger siblings after school; or girls who have been victims of abuse or neglect. In response to the need for quality, after-school programming for girls in these very challenging situations, this United Way funded outreach program has been created to combat barriers to participation. 

Surveys are conducted at the conclusion of each program series session. Results show that 86% of girls in the program develop a strong sense of self, 89% develop positive values, 81% showed positive indicators of cooperation and teamwork skills, and 70% enhanced conflict resolution skills.

Your support prevents at-risk girls from falling through the cracks. Your support prepares girls for success in life.

Help prepare our youth to succeed in life.

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