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Rhonda Learned How To Be Financially Stable


We believe that enhancing the financial skills of those with low to moderate incomes will benefit all of Jackson County.  When you support United Way of Jackson County we are able to fund financial stability workshops at the Community Action Agency.  Through these workshops people who are struggling to make ends meet learn how to be organized, how to reduce debt and how to create and follow a spending plan.  You are helping people to learn how to help themselves, like Rhonda, a single mother of three who needed financial guidance and direction.

Rhonda has very limited income.  She works hard and wants more for her family.  She enrolled in the Financial Stability classes supported by United Way of Jackson County.  She is very interest in working to purchase a home in the next year.  After the last Financial Stability class, she attended a one on one pre-purchase appointment to discuss credit and create a spending plan.  As a result of the knowledge gained she has stayed on her spending plan for the last two months, which included a small deposit of $25.00 every week from her pay check into a savings account.  Rhonda has also started to rebuild credit with Consumer Power Credit Union.  Today, Rhonda is on the right track to achieve her goal of having a home for her family.

Everyone who completes these workshops gain financial management knowledge.  Most will show marked increase in their savings and many will have taken the proper steps to improve their credit scores.  We want everyone to have the skills they need to be financially stable.

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