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Success In School Translates To Kids Succeeding In Life!


We want children to be successful in school so they can be successful in life.   By helping elementary students learn to read at grade level we will ensure at-risk youth will not fall behind in their education.  Energizing Education is our early reading program.  Last year, E.E. students advanced an average of 6.82 reading levels.  Energizing Education is changing the future of children in Jackson County and here is just one example of the impact that is being made locally by Energizing Education.


Josh was a disengaged 2nd grader when he first started with the Energizing Education program. In the beginning he was easily distracted with his mentor, he didn’t want to complete his reading for the day. After five months he improved 13 reading levels and ended up reading above grade level. When they began reading books, his mentor often had to help him with words and motivate him to finish reading a book. As time went on, it became less of a struggle for him and he began looking forward to that time with his mentor every week. He finished books and could retell key parts of the stories with ease. Not only was his teacher and mentor proud of him, but he soon became proud of himself and his accomplishments.

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We need mentors for this program.  Go to the Energizing Education website to find out how you can volunteer.

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